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Global payment challenges

High payment costs

Partners and suppliers across the globe need to be paid in a variety of currencies. But cross-border payments are notoriously expensive, with poor FX rates offered by banks on top of excessive sender fees. You also need to consider the fees incurred to amend and resend payments due to errors.

High payment costs

Slow transactions

Freelancers and payees in the gig economy need timely payment. Organizations need to reduce payment processing time in order to meet that expectation. But too often, legacy payment systems are cumbersome and cannot pay out at scale. Neither do they have the technology to meet the regulatory requirements of beneficiary countries when it comes to payment processing.

Slow transactions

Security & fraud issues

Security and fraud are top concerns for digital media companies when making cross border payments. You need to be sure that your payments provider uses best-in-class security measures to protect consumer data, is ISO certified and uses 2 factor authentication for system access.

Fraud concerns

Lack of transparency

Payment cost transparency is very important for businesses and customers who want to ensure they aren’t incurring hidden costs. When you don’t receive visibility regarding the costs and deductions involved, how can you manage cash flow? When you don’t have insight into why payments are rejected, how can you improve the process?

Lack of transparency

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Delivering real business impact

Blue Optima’s requirement to pay out in exotic currencies (Indian Rupee and Mexican Peso) unearthed some inefficiencies in the current payments process. Find out how Fexco’s solution streamlined overseas developer payments to create time and cost efficiencies.

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Reduce your overseas payment costs

Avail of bank-beating FX rates and lower fees for all of your international payment requirements. Due to our dealing relationship with international banks, we can access better FX rates for bank transfers normally unavailable to businesses and individuals.
FX payments

Timely payments to partners and suppliers

Fexco's innovative and powerful payment solution pays up to 10,000 partners and suppliers simultaneously. One single file upload contains multiple currencies and payment methods. Our API solution integrates with accounts systems for further streamlining and automation.
Mass payments

Secure platform to mitigate risk and combat fraud

With 2 factor authentication for access to our payments platform and a full audit trail to track payments activity, you have complete visibility and control. Separation of duties functionality eliminates internal and external fraud for added security. Certified to ISO 27001 standard, Fexco is also regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, and by the Financial Conduct Authority for the conduct of payment business in the UK.

Visibility into payments operations

Fexco offers you complete transparency of your payments operations improving your processes, saving time, and reducing costs and resources. Our support team will guide you through payment formatting procedures to reduce expensive recalls and resends. Easily accessible payment reports give management the spend visibility necessary to drive better decisions.
Payment solutions

Best-in-class payments security and control

Best-in-class payments security and control

Protect your supplier payment information and data on our secure cloud platform. Our role-based account access means system administrators determine what users can see and do.

With 2 factor authentication for access and a full audit trail to track payments activity, you have complete visibility and control.

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ISO 27001 certified
2 factor authentication access
Role-based account access security
Fully licenced and regulated

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