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Frequently asked questions

How long does a payment take?

Fexco offers same day payments as well as standard international bank transfers which will take a day or more – the time frame will depend on the destination and the product you use, so it’s best to contact our team and find out how quickly we can get your payments delivered.

How many payment can I do with Fexco International Payments

Fexco International payments does not specify a minimum or maximum number of payments.

If you need to make large batch payments, we accept bulk file uploads and we can provide an integrated service that works directly from your accounts package.

What about payment records?

We provide detailed payment statements to our customers online.

How much does the Fexco international money transfers service cost?

It costs nothing to set up an account with us and there is no obligation to trade. If you are making a foreign exchange payment, the exchange rate and the foreign currency amount are stated clearly in advance before you make a payment with us.

Is my money safe with Fexco?

Absolutely. As a regulated financial institution we use robust client asset procedures to keep your funds protected. We also use major partner banks to distribute our international payments safely and securely. Our online system uses secure encryption and system users have authorisation restrictions that keeps their information and funds protected.

If the FAQs do not cover a topic you wish to query, then please do not hesitate to contact us