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When dealing with international suppliers and distributors, MedTech companies need to minimise currency losses, save time, and mitigate risk.

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Medtech payment challenges

Manual payment processing

Manual payment processing requires additional headcount, creates errors and results in unnecessary calls from suppliers to your finance team. For an industry so reliant on its supply chain, paying on time is crucial. Your team needs to focus on growing the business rather than spending time amending errors and payment resolution.

Manual processes

International payment costs

High bank fees and poor FX rates impact your bottom line when paying overseas suppliers. As MedTech companies import materials from abroad, it’s crucial that currency costs are kept to a minimum. Knowledgeable guidance on the best time to buy and sell currency is necessary but too often banks are too slow and inefficient.

High payment costs

Limited currency choice

As MedTech businesses go global, supply chains grow, so too does the requirement to pay in less traded currencies. But timely delivery of complex currencies may be an issue. Banks and most payment providers cannot handle the complexity of exotic currency delivery.

Limited currency choice

Fraud concerns

Businesses across the MedTech sector continue to experience payments fraud at an alarming rate. How do you leverage the right technology to secure your payments and protect your supplier data?

Fraud concerns

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“As we import materials from abroad, cutting costs on foreign currency payments is crucial for us. Fexco is an ideal partner for us securing our bottom line and eliminating risk on our international payments. Any business serious about scaling globally should talk to the team there. Thank you Fexco.”

Phil Hynes, Advant Medical Ltd

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Focus on more strategic tasks

Eliminate frictions in overseas payables with Fexco's automated solution. Realise straight through processing rates of +99% on domestic and cross border payments. Let Fexco do the heavy lifting so you can allocate your staff to more value-add tasks.

Bank-beating FX and low fees

Fexco offers bank-beating FX rates with full cost transparency on all payments. Lock in your ideal rate and receive all cost information up front.

130 currencies to 200 countries

Pay your suppliers effortlessly in 130 currencies to 200 countries globally. Benefit from error-free delivery of exotic currencies and notify your suppliers of each transaction with automated emails.

World-class payment protection

Protect your outgoing funds from both internal and external fraud. The Fexco platform provides deep financial controls to secure payables activities, including segregation of duty functionality.

Business payments security and control

Business payments security and control

Protect supplier payment information and data on our secure cloud platform. Our role-based account access means system administrators determine what users can see and do.

With 2 factor authentication for access and a full audit trail to track payments activity, you have complete visibility and control.

Our security
ISO Certified
ISO 27001 certified
Two Factor Authentication
2 factor authentication access
Role Based Access
Role-based account access security
Regulated and Licensed
Fully licensed and regulated

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