Bulk payments automation

With Fexco’s mass payments solution, you can pay up to 10,000 global suppliers simultaneously in multiple currencies and payment methods


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Mass payments

How it Works

Making thousands of payments can be a long and resource-intensive task. Let Fexco's bulk payment solution eliminate the stress with a solution that takes seconds instead of hours


Choose the currency and amount you wish to pay


A file with payment details can be uploaded to the Fexco platform


The Fexco platform scans your file to ensure all payment details are correct


Once you are happy with the details, we will execute payment to your destination.

Delivering real business impact

“We are very pleased at the collaborative approach Fexco has taken to address any payment issues we have. We never realised there were more cost effective methods when making international payments and our bank transfer fees alone have been significantly reduced as a result. The team at Fexco are flexible, adapting their payment platform to suit our internal processes, and are always on standby to resolve any payment issues. This guarantees that we are receiving the greatest value and service for our domestic and foreign exchange payments”

Travel Counsellors Ltd, Trafford City, Manchester

Delivering real business impact

“The manual burden on our team has been reduced greatly because of our partnership with Fexco. We are now using exotic currencies to pay overseas developers as if we are paying locally. This has enhanced relations with our team of developers overseas as payments are always on time. Any issues are swiftly dealt with by an easily accessible team of payments professionals.”

Finance Analyst , Blue Optima

Delivering real business impact

“Since we have started working with Fexco our transaction costs are lower and we have reduced our exposure to exchange rate fluctuation. That has made a huge difference for us with savings of more than €11,000 on fees alone.”

Brendan Gillen, Finance Operations Controller, Dublin City University

Your trusted global payments partner

NUI Galway

Increase your payments productivity

  • Reduce the time you spend initiating and tracking payments. Fexco’s bulk payment solution does the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.
  • Eliminate time given to investigating and resolving payment issues. Our validation tools ensure payment details are error-free before execution.
  • Alert your suppliers to the status of all payments. Fexco’s automated payee notification email ensures beneficiaries are kept in the loop while payment queries are kept to a minimum.
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Increase our payments productivity

Power your time-critical global supplier payments.

  • Developers, affiliate networks, publishers and AdTech companies need to pay partners at scale.
  • Ensure accurate and swift mass payments to 200 countries in over 130 currencies. Fexco’s payment validation ensures error-free payment delivery with straight-through processing rates of +99%.
  • Avail of several payment methods (Wire transfers, Sepa, domestic ACH, CHAPS, cheques) to pay global suppliers.
  • Forget manual keying of bulk payment data. Our file upload /Api integration facilitates payment to thousand of suppliers in multiple currencies, all from a single platform.
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Multiple payments

Stay compliant while reducing risk & costs

  • Processing high-volume payments individually is time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Automate your bulk payment processes easily to reduce risk and save time.
  • Simply upload payee information to our platform and we’ll take care of the rest. Pay suppliers and freelancers across the globe at once.
  • Consolidate bank fees and eliminate the human touchpoints that create errors
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Stay compliant reduces costs risks

Solutions to power your business

International payments

Multiple payment methods including Sepa, Wire Transfer, Domestic ACH, and cheque. Over 130 currencies to 200 countries across the globe.
International payments

ERP integration

Easily Integrate our global payments network to your existing ERP/accounts package. Accelerate reconciliation through automatic sync of payment details.
ERP integration

Payments API

Powerful APIs to easily connect your existing systems with Fexco's next generation payments platform.
Payments API

Business FX

Make payouts to suppliers and partners in over 130 currencies, including exotics. Simplify the collection of foreign currency funds from overseas payers with Fexco's receivables solution.
FX payments

Intercompany payments

Make multi entity payments from a single cloud platform with visibility and transparency into each transaction. Pay overseas offices in a variety of currencies swiftly and compliantly.
Intercompany transfers

Exotic currency payments

Pay subcontractors outside your core operating areas with ease. Fexco's technology and world class support combine to deliver even the most complex currencies, on time, every time.
Exotic currencies

Currency risk management

Protect your business from foreign exchange volatility. Let Fexco help you to navigate the FX markets with confidence.
Currency risk management

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