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Education payment challenges

Manual processes

Paying student refunds and global suppliers through multiple platforms and currencies can be complex. Even more so when processes are manual in nature. Keying payments data and other manual AP tasks consume your time and increase the risk of error.

Manual processes

Currency volatility

Fluctuating currencies makes it difficult to manage cashflow when you need visibility of costs. You need to be sure that students and suppliers are receiving the correct amount of payment. When your institution has global ambition, you need a currency risk strategy in place to manage foreign currency payments.

Currency volatility

Hidden costs in FX payments

Fx rates and transfer fees can cause unpleasant surprises when paying for overseas research or refunding students. Calculating your total FX costs with a typical bank or broker is an intricate, complex process when you need cost visibility. Too often, the amount delivered falls short of the amount agreed.

Hidden payment costs

Delayed/missing payments

Manual processes lead to errors which in turn translate to delayed payments. Finance staff also spend too much time on query resolution. Failure to deliver timely payments damage supplier and university/student relations and could also spell reputational damage for your institution.

Delayed payments

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Delivering real business impact

When transferring student refunds domestically and  internationally, the finance office at DCU needed local currency with on-time delivery at a competitive rate.

Discover how the university availed of Fexco’s integrated solution to create greater cost and time efficiencies in its international payments process.

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Currency risk management

Control your cash flow and reduce exposure to currency fluctuation with our range of risk management tools
Currency risk management

Reduce your payables workload

Eliminate manual processes that lead to errors and fraud with API or file integrated solutions.
ERP Integration

Keep payees in the loop

Get full visibility of all of your payments. Automated payments notification to payees reduce queries on the status of payments to your finance team.
International payments

Know before you send

Lock in your exchange rates in advance. Our platform delivers student refund payments compliantly with full visibility on all fees. Alternatively, speak to one of our education specialists.
FX payments

Best-in-class payments security and control

Best-in-class payments security and control

Protect your student/supplier payment information and data on our secure cloud platform. Our role-based account access means system administrators determine what users can see and do. With 2 factor authentication for access and a full audit trail to track payments activity, you have complete visibility and control.

More about security
ISO Certified
ISO 27001 certified
Two Factor Authentication
2 factor authentication access
Role Based Access
Role-based account access security
Regulated and Licensed
Fully licenced and regulated

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