Fexco ranked in top 100 Cross-Border Payment Companies

Fexco is delighted to announce that it has been recognised by FXC Intelligence as one of the world’s 100 top cross-border payment companies for 2024, for a sixth year running. 

The Top 100 List and market mapping assesses, analyses, and celebrates the most impactful players in the cross-border payments industry including publicly traded companies, banks, VC/PE Backed startups and private companies across consumer money transfer, B2B payments, ecommerce, payment processors and more.  

FXC Intelligence uses an interesting criterion and one that really does make us proud to be listed given Fexco is privately and independently owned – companies make the FXC list if there would be a meaningful impact were they removed from the sector.  

Earning recognition for innovation in payments 

Over 15,000 companies in the payments space are tracked, which means making the Top 100 list puts Fexco amongst the crème de la crème of the cross-border payments sector.  

According to FXC Intelligence, there are certain criteria that need to be met to make the Top 100 List. Companies need to 

  • Be of a certain scale 
  • Have an established customer base 
  • Have cross border payments as the primary activity or a substantial revenue line. 

Once the above-mentioned criteria are met, FXC Intelligence reveals that each company is assessed against 4 key areas: 

  •  How significant the company is globally,  
  • Its significance in its given market or segment,  
  • The extent at which cross border payments is a key part of the business 
  • To what extent each company is evolving and growing. 

The combined scores then determine who makes the final 100 List. 


Streamlining payments for global success 

 Fexco started out in a small office in the South-west of Ireland in 1981 with a simple goal – to provide best in class services to help merchants and partners mitigate FX or currency exposure.  

 Fast forward four decades and Fexco has grown to become an innovation powerhouse, offering everything from dynamic currency conversion, payment orchestration and international payments and foreign exchange services across the globe to asset finance and strategic business development. 

 Fexco Payments delivers great outcomes for customers and partners through Fresh Thinking and deep relationships. Our innovative technology and connections with global banks help businesses to create more efficiency in their payments processes whilst saving significantly on foreign exchange rates and fees compared to traditional banks. 

Fexco now operates in 29 countries, employs almost 3,000 colleagues globally and processes more than €34 billion in transaction value a year, across FX, treasury, and government-backed financing sectors.  

Commenting on Fexco’s inclusion  in the list, Sara Savidge, CEO of Fexco Corporate Payments said: 

 We are absolutely thrilled to be recognised once again in this industry report, testament to the deep relationships and great outcomes we deliver for our clients every day 

Daniel Webber, CEO and Founder of FXC Intelligence also commented on Fexco’s achievement: 

Fexco’s inclusion in the top 100 cross-border payments companies six consecutive years highlights its enduring commitment to payments innovation and customer service. With a focus on delivering cutting-edge payment solutions and expanding its global footprint, it has consistently demonstrated leadership in the industry. Recognised by FXC Intelligence for its impactful contributions, Fexco continues to set the standard for excellence in international payments 


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