Global receivables simplified

Receive incoming payments from international trading partners without the friction associated with cross-border receivables.

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Get greater visibility and control of your accounts receivable process

Currency Choice

Fexco’s receivables solution offers you the option to invoice in over 25 local currencies, a strong selling point when selling goods in overseas markets.

Collections solution to hold incoming FX payments

Hold Incoming Payments

Collect funds in multiple currencies and decide whether to convert or hold for later use.

Bank Beating FX Rates

No Overseas Bank Accounts

Avoid opening overseas accounts which are costly and can be difficult to maintain. Centralise your receivables process with our incoming payment client accounts.

Protect Your Profit Margin

Cut Costs

Protect your bottom line with transparent, bank-beating exchange rates. Convert funds to local currency when the time is right for you.

Delivering real business impact

A fast-growing software developer is experiencing demand for its products and services from outside Europe. Fexco provided a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution to better manage the company’s foreign currency inbound payments.

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Your trusted global payments partner

Digital Voices

Delivering real business impact

“We at Xavatar have many international clients and sponsors… before we formed a relationship with Fexco, we would pay poor rates for exchange and the transfers could easily take up to a week or more.  Now that all our transfers, coming in and going out run through the Fexco system we have not only saved money, but precious time.  Plus their team are easy to work with and extremely helpful.  I would recommend Fexco full heartedly to anyone in a similar position.”

Jason P. Rothberg, Chief Executive Officer, Xavatar Ltd.

Remove the friction of incoming foreign currency payments & ensure better cashflow management.

Receive payment in over 25 currencies

Stay ahead of your competion. Offering your buyers the option to pay in their local currency means better trading relations and a simple way for you to collect payments without the friction.

  • Avoid the hassle of opening and maintaining expensive in-country bank accounts.
  • Get  certainty that the amount billed is the amount received giving you complete transparency of your receivables process. Make reconciling invoices simple and error free.


Innovative payments technology

Cut costs on Incoming payments

Receive money effortlessly into one of our incoming  payment client accounts with competitive FX rates.

  • Get complete transparency of your receivables. The Fexco solution reduces overseas payments with bank-beating fx rates and lower fees.
  • Hold your funds  and transfer  when rates go in your favour. Optimise your cash flow and protect your bottom line.
High payment costs

Get notification of your incoming payment

Upon receiving a payment transfer, we place the foreign funds directly into our incoming payment client account.

  • Get notified of receipt of funds by your dedicated account manager.
  • Your dedicated dealer will advise on transfering funds back to your local currency, saving you time and money.

Save your accounts receivable team the administrative burden of trying to track and trace payments and  missing reference numbers. Let Fexco look after your receivables so you can focus on growing your business.

Digital payments with human touch

Solutions to power your business

International Payments

Fexco eliminates errors and frictions caused by manual payments processes
International Payments

Business FX

Make payouts to suppliers and partners in over 130 currencies, including exotics . Simplify the collection of foreign currency funds from overseas payers with Fexco's receivables solution.
Business FX

Payments API

Fexco eliminates errors and frictions caused by manual payments processes
Payments API

Mass payments

Pay up to 10,000 payees simultaneously, regardless of location, currency or payment method. Automate manual processes, speed up your workflow and simplify your international payments processing.
Mass payments

Intercompany payments

Make multi-entity payments from a single cloud platform with visibility and transparency into each transaction. Pay overseas offices in a variety of currencies swiftly and compliantly.
Intercompany payments

Exotic currency payments

Pay subcontractors outside your core operating areas with ease. Fexco's technology and world-class support combine to deliver even the most complex currencies, on time, every time.
Exotic currency payments

Currency risk management

Protect your business from foreign exchange volatility. Let Fexco help you to navigate the FX markets with confidence.
Currency risk management

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